Anti-wrinkle Injections

We commonly use Botox and Nucevia in our clinic. This injectable temporarily paralyses facial muscles, reducing the appearance of wrinkles, treating a gummy smile and downturned mouth. It can also be used medically to treat conditions like muscle spasms and migraines.

Downtime: Anti-wrinkle injections typically have minimal downtime. Some people may experience mild bruising, redness or swelling at the injection site, but it usually resolves quickly. Patients can resume normal activities immediately after the procedure.

Procedure Time: 15- 30 mins

Pain Levels: Mild to Moderate

Dermal Filler

Filler enhances facial features by adding volume and smoothing wrinkles. Composed of substances like hyaluronic acid or collagen, it’s injected beneath the skin’s surface to address concerns such as fine lines or volume loss in areas like lips and cheeks. Results are immediate, offering a youthful appearance, with durations varying based on filler type.

Downtime: Filler injections often involve minimal downtime. Some individuals may experience temporary redness, swelling, or bruising at the injection sites, but these typically resolve within a few days. It’s advisable to avoid strenuous activities and certain medications before the procedure to minimise the risk of bruising.

Procedure Time: 30-60 mins

Pain Levels: Moderate, Topical anaesthetic used

Skin Booster - Viscoderm HydroBooster

A stabilised Hyaluronic acid injectable product for deep hydration and superficial stretching. With deep hydration the product improves skin elasticity, radiance and smoothness. It also has the ability to stretch out and smooth wrinkles for those experiencing moderate signs of ageing.

Procedure Time: 1 Hour

Down Time: minimal

Pain Level: Moderate

Treatment Plan: Three sessions advised, 8 weeks apart.

Skinpen MicroNeedling

Skin pen Microneedling rejuvenates from the inside out for younger looking skin. The microneedles pierce the skin, targeting our fibroblast cells to produce more collagen and elastin proteins, creating more youthful skin. Skinpen Microneedling is a treatment used to improve the appearance of wrinkles, acne scars while also helping to remodel the skin tissues and reduce pore size.

Downtime: Minimal, You will experience redness for the first 24hrs.

Procedure Time: 45-60 mins

Pain Level: Mild, topical anaesthetic used

Treatment Plan: Course of 3 or 6 for optimal results


The Hydrafacial is a process by which advanced patented vortex fusion technology is used to cleanse, exfoliate, extract and hydrate the skin.  Hydrafacial is for every skin type and can address all skin care needs such as: fine lines & wrinkles, elasticity & firmness, even tone & vibrancy, Skin texture. brown spots, oily & congested skin, enlarged pores.

The Express Treatment helps to maintain healthy skin and experience results like: visibly clearer skin, youthful, plump, hydrated skin and improved tone & texture

The Hydrafacial can be upgraded and tailored to your skin by opting for the Hydrafacial Platinum. This includes the Lymphatic Drainage and 15 minutes LED Light Therapy.

DownTime: None.

Procedure Time: Express – 45mins, Platinum – 75mins, Platinum with Booster – 90mins 

Pain Level: None

Treatment Plan: Every 4-6 weeks, Course of 6 or 12 available

Eve Taylor Facial

Our relaxing Eve Taylor Facial, is a prescriptive facial tailored to your skin type and current skin condition to achieve replenished, hydrated and protected skin. We use aromatherapy products to deeply cleanse and exfoliate the skin, ready to absorb the massage oils used during your facial massage and scalp massage and facial masque.

DownTime: None.

Procedure Time: 60mins

Pain Level: None

Treatment Plan: 1 per month or as needed

PDO Threads

PDO threads are a non-surgical cosmetic treatment for skin lifting and tightening, utilising biocompatible polydioxanone. Inserted with thin needles or cannulas, these threads offer immediate mechanical support and stimulate collagen production over time, resulting in a firmer appearance. Barbed threads lift, while smooth threads stimulate collagen. Treatments address concerns like sagging skin and fine lines, with visible results immediately and continued improvement.

Downtime: Downtime after PDO thread treatment is typically minimal. Some patients may experience temporary redness, swelling, or bruising at the insertion points. These side effects usually subside within a few days to a week, and individuals can generally resume regular activities shortly after the procedure.

Procedure Time: The procedure time depends on the number of threads being used and the areas being treated. Sessions can range from 30 minutes to over an hour.

Pain Levels: Moderate, local anaesthetic used.


PRP involves drawing a small amount of the patient’s blood, concentrating platelets, and injecting the enriched plasma back into the body. This procedure, used in both aesthetics and medicine, stimulates tissue repair, collagen production, and cell regeneration. Common in facial rejuvenation, it addresses fine lines and wrinkles. In medical fields like orthopaedics, PRP aids tissue healing and reduces inflammation. The minimally invasive procedure carries a lower risk of adverse reactions and its natural, gradual results become more noticeable over time.

Downtime: PRP treatments typically have minimal downtime. Patients may experience some redness or swelling at the injection sites, but this usually resolves within a day or two. Most individuals can resume regular activities immediately after the procedure.

Procedure Time: 30 – 60 mins

Pain Levels: Mild

Treatment Plan: Three sessions


Polynucleotides are molecules made from fragments of fish which mirror human DNA and are injected into the skin. Through injecting polynucleotides we stimulate our fibroblast cells to produce collagen and elastin allowing for tissue regeneration. In addition to this, it supports antioxidant and hydration properties, making the skin feel and look healthier!

The product is most commonly injected under the eyes, face and neck. It can also be a great alternative to those not suitable for tear trough filler.

Procedure Time: 30 – 60 minutes depending on the size of the area being injected.

Down Time: Minimal – may have temporary redness, swelling or bruising

Pain Level: Mild

Lasts: 6-12 months

Treatment Plan: Course of 3, then 1 maintenance session every 6-9months 

Brow Lamination

Brow lamination, also referred to as fluffy brows, is a semi-permanent beauty treatment specifically designed to transform the appearance of eyebrows. The technique involves using a specialised chemical solution to reshape and groom brow hairs, providing a fuller, sleeker, and more defined look.

Procedure Time: 45-60mins

Down Time: Minimal

Pain Level: Mild (Waxing)

Lasts: 6-8 weeks

Lash Lift

A Lash lift enhances and redefines the Lash. The treatment involves us lifting and extending your natural lashes, straightening them at the root for an instant fuller effect and high impact look.  

Procedure Time: 45-60mins

Down Time: Minimal

Pain Level: None

Lasts: 6-8 weeks

Chemical Peel - BioRePeel C13 FND

BioRePeel C13 FND is an innovative peel that uses biphasic technology to create a bio stimulating, revitalising and peeling effect on the face.

Made from 35% trichloroacetic acid (TCA) with 14 other active ingredients, BioRePeel stimulates skin replication and the biosynthetic process, countering the effects of aging, oxidative damage from UV radiation and pollution, and acne scarring. To be used on the face, neck, and décolleté.

Downtime: Downtime varies depending on the depth of the peel. As this is a superficial peel there will be minimal downtime with possible redness and peeling which would last only a few days.’

Procedure Time: 30mins

Pain Levels: Mild

Topical Anaesthesia: None

Dermalux LED Therapy

 Dermalux LED therapy is a non-invasive cosmetic procedure that uses light-emitting diodes (LEDs) to stimulate and rejuvenate the skin. Different wavelengths of light, typically red, blue, and near-infrared, penetrate the skin at varying depths, triggering cellular responses.

Red light is often used to promote collagen production, reduce inflammation, and improve skin texture.

Blue light targets acne-causing bacteria, making it beneficial for managing acne and blemishes.

Near-infrared light penetrates deeper into the skin, promoting healing and enhancing overall skin health.

During a session, the patient sits or lies comfortably while the LED device is positioned close to the skin.

Dermalux LED therapy is known for its versatility, addressing various skin concerns and contributing to a more radiant and rejuvenated complexion over time.

Downtime: Dermalux LED therapy typically has no downtime. It is a non-invasive procedure, and patients can resume normal activities immediately after the session.

Procedure Time: 20-30mins

Pain Levels: None

Eyelash Serum - Lumigan

We Offer Lumigan, a prescription-only eyelash serum for eyelash growth which can be applied at home. Lumigan enhances lash length and thickness of the lash and the product should be applied to the upper lashes for 16 weeks with an applicator brush.

Jett Plasma Pen

The Jett Plasma Pen is a cosmetic device for non-surgical skin tightening, using plasma technology to create controlled micro-injuries without direct contact. Emitting ionised gas, it induces a controlled burn, stimulating collagen production and tightening the skin. The procedure, performed by a healthcare professional, targets concerns like wrinkles and pigmentation irregularities, triggering the skin’s natural healing for improved texture and firmness. Benefits may include reduced fine lines and improved skin elasticity.

The Jett Plasma pen can also be used to remove unwanted skin tags or moles.

Downtime: Downtime after Jett Plasma Pen treatment can range from a few days to a couple of weeks. Patients may experience redness, swelling, and scabbing at the treatment sites during the initial healing phase. It’s essential to follow post-treatment care instructions provided by the practitioner to optimise recovery.

Procedure Time: The procedure time depends on the size and number of areas being treated. Sessions typically last from 30 minutes to an hour or more, and multiple sessions may be recommended for optimal results.

Pain Levels: Moderate, topical anaesthetic used.

Treatment Plan: Three sessions


Profhilo is a bio-remodelling injectable treatment designed to improve skin quality and hydration. Composed of stabilised hyaluronic acid, Profhilo acts as a skin stimulator, promoting collagen and elastin production. It is injected into specific points on the face or other areas of concern, providing an overall lifting and firming effect. Profhilo is known for its ability to address signs of ageing, such as fine lines and skin laxity, while also enhancing skin hydration for a more radiant and youthful appearance.

Downtime: Profhilo typically has minimal downtime. Patients may experience some redness or swelling at the injection sites, but this usually resolves within a day or two. Most individuals can resume regular activities immediately after the procedure.

Procedure Time: The procedure time for Profhilo is relatively short, typically taking around 15-30 minutes. The exact duration can vary based on the treatment area and the number of injection points.

Pain Levels: Mild to Moderate

Treatment Plan: Three sessions


Dermaplaning is a great skin care treatment that removes dead skin cells and all the vellus facial hair (Peach Fuzz) to give your skin a smooth and youthful appearance. We also use a painless enzyme peel towards the end of the treatment.

Benefits include:

  • visibly minimises the appearance of fine lines, acne scarring and wrinkles
  • leaves the skin soft and smooth
  • Creates a smooth canvas for applying makeup
  • Helps absorption of skin care products

Down Time: None.

Procedure Time: 45mins

Pain level: None

Treatment Plan: Every 4 weeks


“First time I had Lip Fillers so I was really scared and didn’t know what to expect but Leanne made me feel so comfortable and thoroughly went through absolutely everything with me before I went ahead. I love my lips and had all the fine lines filled in around the sides of my mouth too, will be back definitely. xx”

Julie McLeod

Have just had my checkup after first (definitely not the last) treatment with Leanne. Cannot recommend her highly enough. I did a lot of research before getting my treatment and it certainly paid off. Leanne is very professional and also one of the nicest people I have met, she made me feel totally reassured and relaxed. Will definitely be back. Can’t stop looking at the photos as the results are amazing. Thank you Leanne.

Heather Brown

Could not recommend Leanne enough! She was so welcoming and so informative, put you very at ease and knows her stuff! Before the procedure, she told you everything you needed to know and more, and after she was on call any time of the day to help you with any potential concerns or questions! I would highly recommend Leanne to anyone thinking about getting lip fillers. I absolutely love the outcome of my lips!

Ellen MacPherson

I had my treatment with Leanne back in August and I am over the moon with the end result. I was slightly apprehensive about getting the treatment but Leanne completely put me at ease the moment I walked through the door. The procedure itself wasn’t anywhere near as bad as I thought it would be and the aftercare was second to none. I will definitely be back! Thanks Leanne!

Hannah Jenkins

This clinic is extremely professional, clean and ever so friendly. You can tell Leanne knows her stuff and is extremely well trained. Leanne is very confident, skilled and very experienced. The whole experience was fantastic from start to finish.

Sarah Donaldson

Have been visiting Leanne for at least 6 years, always satisfied! Popped in and realised Sarah at the clinic now offers brow lamination and lash tint! Fantastic had my Botox then got what has got to be the best lashes and brows I’ve had done in Edinburgh! One stop shop! I’m delighted!

5 STAR – Mikialah 

I recently had the Eve Taylor facial from Sarah and had the most relaxing hour that I can remember! My skin was absolutely glowing after the treatment too. Having the knots worked out my shoulders and a head massage, as well as a full facial, was just heaven. Thank you so much Sarah, I’ll be back!!

5 STAR – Joy

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